The AP Computer Science Exam

About the AP Exam

Cost: $93. Does not have to be paid all at once.
Deposit: $15. Must be paid by March 10th. This leaves a balance of $78.
Deadline to For the Deposit: March 10th
Deadline for the Remainder of the Cost: March 24th
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How to Financially Support Students Taking the Exam

1) Tax Credit Donation

Individuals can donate up to $200 of their Arizona state tax burden directly to paying for AP Exams. Married couples can donate up to $400. This donation is a dollar-for-dollar credit at tax time.

You have until you file your 2016 taxes to donate for the 2016 school year, which means you can still donate in the beginning of 2017 and have it taken out of your 2016 taxes. You can also donate in 2017 to have it taken out of your 2017 taxes.

So, if you're reading this before March of 2017, you have the opportunity to donate twice - once for 2016 and again for 2017.

Click Here for more information about using Arizona Tax Credit in the Amphi district

Donating by Check: Complete this form, making sure to list your student in the Student's Name box
Tax Credit Form (English)
Tax Credit (Spanish)

2) Buy a Coding Club Coloring Book

The AP Computer Science Principles class created a Coloring Book using Turtle drawing commands and is selling it for $5 each. Every design in the book is student-generated. When a student sells a coloring book, the profit goes directly to paying for their AP Exam. They make excellent stocking-stuffing gifts and for young children.

To Purchase: contact a student in the AP Computer Science Principles class and let them know you'd like to purchase a book
Contact Mr Schneider and he'll put you in touch with a student who will sell you a coloring book.