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Computer Science Discoveries

  • Grades:9th & 10th
  • Recommended Pre-Requisites: None!
  • Course Syllabus
  • Course Highlights:
    • 'Thinking Like a Computer': Binary & Representing Data, Generating Algorithms & Solving Problems, and investigating how to identify a problem that a computer can solve.
    • Web Design: HTML, CSS, and optimizing websites for different devices and search engines
    • Game Design: We use sprites and a block-based coding language to make basic games
    • App Design: Brainstorm an app to solve a problem or simulate a game, then design it using a visual interface and deploy it to the Amphi community
    • Microcrontroller Programming: We use the Adafruit Circuit Playground to create physical devices to solve problems

AP Computer Science Principles

  • Grades:10th, 11th, 12th
  • Recommended Pre-Requisites:
    • Passing grade in Computer Science Discoveries - or
    • C or better in Algebra I; C or better in English 9 - or
    • Instructor Approval
  • Course Syllabus
  • Showcase of Past Student Work
  • The College Board Website
  • Course Highlights
    • The Internet: Learn the structure of the internet (routers, tiered ISPs) and the protocols that govern it (IP, TCP, HTTP)
    • Big Data: Look at large data sets from and Gapminder to explore global trends and how to make the data tell a story. If it's an election year, we'll look at live election polling as well.
    • Programming: Graphical drawing programming with Javascript, then more traditional programming in Python. Either option is acceptable for the AP Create Performance Task
    • Personal Data: Investigate how our data is used by corporations for advertisements or the government for surveillance. We create a 'Know Your Data' poster to rate certain apps on our phones, and learn basic encryption and cyber-security techniques we can apply to our digital routines
    • Earn AP Credit: The AP exam has 3 parts: the Create task (ie: writing a program), the Explore task (ie: researching a computing innovation), and the Multiple Choice Test (74 questions)

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As of January 2017

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AP Computer Science A

  • Grades:11th & 12th
  • Recommended Pre-Requisites: AP Computer Science Principles
  • Course Syllabus
  • College Board Website
  • Course Highlights:
    • Programming: Java is the primary programming language used in the course along with the Eclipse and Greenfoot programming environments
    • Object-Oriented: Programs are designed with objects as the foundation. Classes, Inheritance, and Polymorphism are taught as techniques to create well-designed code
    • Solving Problems Efficiently: Several Search and Sorting algorithms are implemented in Java and analyzed for efficiency using Big-Oh Notation
    • Earn AP Credit: This course is intended for future Computer Science majors and culmninates in a 100-question multiple choice test